What is Video Analytics

Video analytics is a technology that processes a digital video signal using a special algorithm to perform a security-related function. Businesses can detect and track people or objects with such features. They can also report and analyse activity that takes place in the video. It’s a vital tool for building intelligent business security.

How Video Analytics Work

The video analytics solution analyzes the data from your video source. Then it correlates it with the scenarios and models you have set up for it to detect.

The architecture for solution runs in one of two ways; cloud processing or edge processing. Video analytics run in the cloud refers to cloud processing. Video analytics run on the camera itself refers to edge processing. Both the physical architecture and the scenarios you need to detect and monitor will determine the right analytic for you. The most common tasks of video analytics include:

  • Using a target object to identify every instance of the object appearing in the video.
  • Classifying an image into a category based on a set of predetermined categories, such as cars or people.
  • Tracking an object as it moves around in an image.
  • Determining the location of a predetermined object in the video.

The Benefits of Processing Video Analytics in the Cloud

More companies moving to the cloud will make it more common for video analytics via cloud processing. Great news for the security industry, as processing video analytics in the cloud, offers numerous benefits.

  • Unlimited processing power and ability to make sense of large amounts of data
  • No downtime with quick, global updates pushed through over the air updates
  • Instantly transform standard analogue and IP cameras into powerful AI solutions, without any additional onsite hardware

Eagle Eye Cloud VMS Analytics for Small Business

video analytics for business

Video analytics can do both real-time monitoring and to mine insights from historic video. Real-time monitoring detects objects, people and movement as events occur in the environment. After all, this monitoring can help business owners or security personnel react quickly to unwanted incidents.

Video analytics provide significant benefits to organizations for security purposes. However, that is not its only purpose. It also turns the video security system into a tool for business optimization. When applied to historic video, analytics can help owners and operators. It can detect trends and patterns around their premises, such as peak store hours or traffic flow.

Eagle Eye Networks offers an array of analytic tools with the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS. It provides owners and operators with insight into potential areas of improvement.

  • People/Object Counting – Monitor patterns like how many customer enter your business each week, peak times for traffic and customer behavior patterns
  • Line Crossing – Minimize theft, break-ins and vandalism by sending an alert when a moving object crosses over a user-defined virtual line
  • Intrusion Detection – Monitor vulnerable areas, especially after hours, by setting parameters that trigger alerts when the predetermined area is entered
  • Loitering – Prevent crimes like vandalism and break-ins by tracking and receiving notifications when people or vehicles stay in one spot for too long
  • Camera Tampering – Reduce false alarms and ensure a camera is not being blocked, covered or moved with AI-based camera tampering

With the right analytics, businesses can elevate security operations and discover new opportunities for improving daily operations.

Common Uses for Video Analytics in Business

Many industries now realise the potential of video analytics with their video surveillance systems. Owners and operators can create long-term strategies based on the insights gained from their video analytics.

Using analytics, owners can determine the number of people entering and exiting the property at any given time. Monitoring the traffic flow and patterns of the establishment is crucial to operations. For instance, It allows for better planning around staffing and business layouts.

Video analytics also provide insight into employee behaviour. Check on employees procedural conduct Are customer interactions positive or negative? The data can highlight areas that need further training, a change in policy or improvement in procedures.

Loss prevention or more specifically, employee theft is a crucial issue that management faces within the restaurant and retail space. Eagle Eye VMS can integrate your point-of-sale (POS) and video surveillance to view sale and payment data in one place. Besides, owners and operators can quickly and easily search transactions and view the video tied to events. This feature streamlines the investigation process into suspicious transactions.

Regardless of the industry or size of your business, video analytics has a host of benefits to offer. Find out more about how advanced analytics in the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS is helping business owners and operators improve their operations across industries.