Bitcoin and cryptocurrency can be problematic when it comes to preventing evasion and theft, in fact its anonymity sort of encourages crime and similar issues. But on the other hand, the blockchain can actually be handy when it comes to identifying the people behind illegal drug trafficking, terrorism or corruption.


Why is the blockchain so powerful?

The reason why you can use the blockchain for crime prevention and loss prevention is rather simple. It can track the user activity fast and easy. Even if cryptocurrencies are seen as anonymous, the technology behind them (the blockchain) is quite easy to use, and it enables a variety of companies to prevent hackers.


Moreover, you can also use the blockchain to identify the historical information regarding a person. This way you can see whether people used a large amount of money in a recent transaction and so on. At the same time. The blockchain helps keep track of the transaction and it manages to remove the need for any ledgers. It’s very helpful, and the fact that it encourages a cashless society is quite amazing in its right.


The blockchain is available and everyone has access to it. No person can modify a single account, they have to make blockchain modifications, and everyone will know. Basically, this means there’s an end to corruption and illegal drug trafficking. People can track these problems a lot easier, but others that make regular transactions will end up protected as well.


Can the blockchain be used to fight fraud at this particular time?

There’s no denying that the blockchain is very powerful, but at this time it can’t prevent fraud and crime on its own. However, it does come with a multi-layer approach when it comes to fighting fraud. It’s a very good tool for the digital world because it offers a two-way accountability to all transactions.


If you put this into perspective, you get to have a much better security and assurance for any transaction. But if a company uses the blockchain technology, you can add machine learning to analyze behavior, and that does make crime, corruption detection and loss prevention a lot better and certainly more powerful.


The best part is that the blockchain technology can be used for just about any industry. It can be a bit hard to adapt based on what company you work at and the overall specifics. But any industry can harness its power, and the best part is that the information is generally available. That sense of transparency is exactly what we need right now.

Blockchain as a tool for Crime Prevention 

A cashless society brings tremendous benefits to the table. The blockchain is changing the business security, performance, latency and scalability. It also makes it easy to obtain a sense of value, quality, and scalability. All these things manage to add up value, professionalism and scalability into a single package. While the blockchain may not be able to fully prevent and identify crimes for now, it does offer a lot of support for companies to achieve that goal. That makes it very powerful and invaluable for every company regardless of its industry!

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