5 Systems Every MCST Should Consider the New Normal

by May 18, 2020

With the number of cases of Covid-19 increasing in Singapore, the government has introduced extended Circuit Breaker measures. With more social distancing in place should condos and buildings consider increasing security manpower to manage these extra requirements? We’ve created a list of 5 must have systems that building owners, MCSTs and property managers should consider. Some are new systems but most can be adopted easily with simple upgrades.

Remote CCTV Systems

To ensure all security personnel are able to view the video a remote CCTV system should be adopted. There are many systems in the market that can allow a simple upgrade. Eagle Eye Networks is a cloud-based Video Surveillance. Any building can simply swap out their existing DVR/NVR for their cloud bridges and the system is good to go. Specific cameras can be shared with specific users and managed and viewed remotely. This reduces risks to security personnel.

Remote Access Control Systems

With a remote access control system, entry gates/doors can be managed and opened remotely. Brivo On Air is a cloud-based access control system that allows for an easy upgrade. It can work with a variety of brands of readers and cards. A simple swap of the existing card reader control panel to a Brivo Cloud Panel and the system is ready to be used.

Cloud Visitor Management Systems

Cloud-based VMS can be deployed in multiple lobbies with a simple iPad or tablet device. This allows touch-less logs of entry and exit of delivery personnel, vendors or visitors. Envoy is a cloud-based VMS that works with various APIs for integration. This even allows integration with delivery existing delivery apps so entry and exits are logged and managed remotely.

Cloud Intercom

Existing intercoms still require the visitor or delivery personnel to call the unit directly. With 2N cloud-based intercoms callers can get in touch with the tenant via their smart device. This allows for touch-less entry. During a time like this such a system reduces many risks to security and front-line personnel.

IP-based Temperature Screening Cameras

Currently some condos and buildings have adopted temperature screening checks. More resources are deployed to do the screening and the risks of allowing direct contact are higher now. With a IP Temperature Screening Camera the temperatures of all people entering a premises can be taken remotely thus reducing risks from direct contacts. Some like D-Link allow facial recognition and even employ AI to send alerts to security personnel and front-line staff.

As mentioned above these systems are not really new and can be easily adopted by MCSTs in Singapore. If your MCST or building would like more information, simply contact us at info@stroztech.com.