3 Reasons You Need To Upgrade To A Cloud-based Video Surveillance System

by Jan 19, 2021

Historically, upgrading your video surveillance system required steep capital expenses and massive IT resources to complete the setup. With the cloud, updating your video surveillance becomes faster and more cost-efficient. Upgrading to the cloud is more comfortable and less costly.  Cloud video surveillance also provides three significant benefits over traditional systems. We generally overlook these benefits until its too late and problems arrive.

Need for Remote Access

You might have installed your video surveillance system at a time when you didn’t think remote access to your video data was a priority. The design and features of traditional DVR and NVR systems only allow viewing on-premises and running on a desktop. Attempting to view video from a DVR/NVR remotely typically results in a significant impact on the image quality and load times. The ideal solution for remote access is a modern, cloud-based video surveillance system. You can access the video from any desktop or mobile device since its cloud-based.

Firstly, remote access using an internet-connected, traditional video surveillance system is unreliable. Secondly, it also places your business at risk. Installing and configure a firewall to monitor for potential attacks is costly. It also takes a toll on your IT team’s resources.

The right cloud-based video surveillance system has built-in protection against cybersecurity vulnerabilities. With the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS offers a secure connection for your cameras. There is no direct connection from your cameras to the internet. Both the Eagle Eye Bridge and the Eagle Eye CMVR provide a physically separate network port for cameras. Thus, your cameras are never directly connected to the general business network or the internet. Remote access to your video is always secure, and your video data is fully encrypted, during transmission and at rest.

Protection Against Loss & Damages

It’s common practice to have a video surveillance system to deter criminal activity. We also leverage on CCTV videos to quickly resolve instances of theft or vandalism. However, savvy criminals know they can hinder investigations and significantly reduce their chances of being caught by stealing or damaging the video surveillance system.

Redundancy can counteract the loss and damage of the DVR/NVR system. Cloud data centres offer triple redundancy. The data is backed up to the cloud even if the bridge or CMVR is stolen or damaged. Thus, you can still access your video.

Ability to Scale Video Surveillance

Expanding locations, increasing users, adjusting resolution or extending retention periods; these are just some of the reasons that might demand a scalable solution. Traditional systems make it challenging to do this and lack the infrastructure and flexibility to meet these needs. Cloud-based solutions, on the other hand, firstly, make it easy to centralise your video surveillance across multiple locations. Secondly, cloud-based solutions allow us to increase users as needed. Lastly, we can adjust retention or resolution in real-time.

The Eagle Eye Cloud VMS is also compatible with a broad range of cameras (over 3,000 IP, analogue, and HD over Coax cameras). Thus, you can retain your existing cameras and do not need to replace your cameras until you’re ready. With a subscription-based model, you only ever pay for what you use.

Upgrading your video surveillance solutions is a strategic initiative that takes careful planning. However, it shouldn’t place a burden on your business. With a cloud-based solution, you can streamline the process of upgrading and scaling your technology, while ensuring minimal strain on your IT resources. Are you ready to upgrade your video surveillance system to the cloud? Contact us today to learn more about the Eagle Eye Cloud VMS.