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Technology For the New Normal

With the advent of Covid-19, business requirements have increased tremendously. Remote working is now the new normal. Organisations that adopt remote protection solutions can survive this pandemic and thrive. Stroztech is always at the forefront of innovation. From cloud-based access controls and CCTVs to a mobile accessible intercom, we are continually seeking improvement in our services and systems. Our team is ready to support you within the Southeast Asian region. Contact us immediately for all your protection issues. We’re here to help.



We offer an entire turnkey solution from consultation, project management, security systems and eventually maintenance and support. We have a dedicated project management department. Our consultants and project managers are certified and experienced in more five decades of project work and consulting. Our engineers are trained and certified to install, configure and operate a myriad of systems and brands. Each member of our technical and engineering team has at least a decade of experience. By having trained, qualified and certified personnel, we can ensure the highest standards and expertise is at your service. We have supported many clients throughout Southeast Asia. Please get to know more about us here.

To ensure our optimum effectiveness, we focus on the following technology.

Access Control Systems

Intercom Tech

Visitor Management Tech


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We provide the best and most innovative in protection systems. Cloud-based CCTV, Access Controls and Intercoms are just an example of the innovation in our offerings. We are the only ones in Singapore and the region with such systems and technology. 

We are authorized dealers in Southeast Asia for the following brands:

Brivo On Air Dealer

Cloud-Based Access Control

ACaaS (Access Control as a Service)

Eagle Eye Networks Partner

Cloud-Based CCTV

VSaaS (Video Surveillance as a Service)

2N Dealer

Cloud-Based Intercoms

IaaS (Intercom as a Service)